About NativeOS

The NativeOS Operating System is a homebrew project designed to learn more about how operating systems and computers work.

It is not a real operating system in the sense that it expects to be solid and suitable for production use. However, it is an interesting toy project to play with low level systems programming and to experiment with operating system concepts and designs.

The NativeOS Operating System is not expected to be 100% POSIX compliant and it is not expected to be just another UNIX clone. Instead, it takes some concepts from prior mainstream operating systems, such as UNIX itself, but also others such as MS-DOS or Windows NT.

The NativeOS Operating System project has been in development since 2015. The original source code repository is set up at with a primary GitHub mirror available at

Additionally, a GitHub organization is set up at to host additional resources and sub-repositories that may be required for the NativeOS project.

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